Desired Effect Under


1. Inflammatory reaction with increased flow of blood and swelling in the region of the rumors is seen occasionally with usual subcutaneous injection. This passes off in a few hours.
2. Slight increase in body temperature occurs which is desirable as a curative process.
3. Transient increase in the neutrophil component of white blood cell count, which persists for some hours.
4 Immune stimulation as a whole and consequent inhibition of tumours development which lead to :
● Improvement in the general condition.
● Increased appetite.
● Gain in weight.
● Improve sleep.
● Decrease in fatigue and depression.
● Stimulation of urinary and bowel functions.
● Reduction of disappearance of pain.
5. Increase tolerance to irradiation and/or chemotherapy.
6. Relief of pain & subjective improvement in patient are most striking even in advanced stages of cancer and in spite of the progressive course of the tumour.
7. Very rarely oral suspension (varumin) causes diarrhoea.