Artesunate for

Cancer Treatment

● Artesunate administered with IVC provides signifcant advantages for improved survival, improved tumor sensitvity to chemotherapy, reduced side effects of chemotherapy, improved energy, appettite and quality of life.
● Artesunate also has been analyzed for its anti-cancer actvity against 55 cell lines of the Developmental Therapeutcs Programme of the National Institute.
● Artesunate was most active against leukemia and colon cancer cell lines. Non-small cell lung cancer cell lines showed the highest mean GI50 valuet indicating the lowest sensitvity toward artesunate in this test panel. Intermediate GI50 values also were obtained for melanomast breast, ovarian prostate, CNS and renal cancer cell lines.
● Artemisinin and its derivatives dihydroartemisinin and artesunate were researched in 2010 for its anticancer activity. In a panel of chemosensitve and chemoresistant human neuroblastoma cells as well as in primary neuroblastoma culturest artesunate was proven more active in affecting neuroblastoma cell viability.
● Artesunate also has been shown to induce oncosis-like cell death in vitro and has anti-tumor activity against pancreatic cancer xenografts in vivo.

dr.sandeep roy

How does Artesunate kill cancer?

● Artesunate is a drug that was initially designed for combating malaria, however, recently it has shown great promise as a cancer therapy. It has been used in combination with some chemotherapies to improve outcomes in advanced cancer patients.
● When fighting cancer it is important to use every tool at your disposal to weaken the cancer and strengthen your own cells. Artesunate is another weapon in the arsenal of natural remedies that can make a significant difference in the fight against cancer.
● The mechanism of action for artesunate in the context of cancer therapy is very well defined. Cancer cells have a tendency to absorb iron at high levels and this is thought to accelerate the mutation rate within these cells. Iron reacts with oxygen to form free radicals, which are reactive molecules that damage DNA. In normal cells this reaction is a problem in cancer cells it allows them to mutate and develop resistance to therapies. Artesunate activates mitochondrial apoptosis by iron catalyzed lysosomal reactive oxygen species production. In other words, this drug will use the iron within the cancer cells against them.
● Preliminary data from Bastyr Integrative Oncology Research Center indicates that IV Vitamin C (IVC) in conjunction with IV Artesunate makes a substantial difference in advanced cancers. IV Artesunate is often administered right before high dose IV vitamin C and there is evidence that these therapies work synergistically together.
● In patients with Stage 4 Breast cancer, after 1 year the group that received no IV Vitamin C and IV Artesunate had a 74% survival rate. Compared to the IV Vitamin C and IV Artesunate group which had a 90% survival rate after 1 year. By year 2 the results were even more significant as the group that did not receive treatment had a 68% survival rate compared to 90% in the treatment group. It is also important to note that no adverse events were associated with this treatment. These preliminary results strongly suggest that high dose IV Vitamin C and IV artesunate improves survival in stage 4 breast cancer patients.
● Evidence is growing that the use of this therapy is effective for a wide range of cancers. Research has shown that Artesunate can increase quality of life in addition to improving survival rates.
● Just like any other cancer therapy, it is important that it is used under the supervision of a experienced Naturopathic Physician who focuses in cancer.
● At my clinic I regularly see patients improve significantly when they use this therapy as part of a comprehensive integrative cancer therapy.